Curated series: DO YOUR WORST


DO YOUR WORST was a mini-festival of new works staged in  September 2017 at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn.

DO YOUR WORST brings together six artists to tackle the question: What is The Worst? We spend most of our time trying our best to make something good. What if, instead, we tried to make something bad? How would we go about failing intentionally? And how would it feel?

Whether your idea of the worst is hackneyed or offensive, vulgar or boring, conformist or ludicrous, here's your chance to see some of it all at this spectacular celebration of failure. Who knows? You just may end up liking it.

DO YOUR WORST featured:
Lorelei Ramirez
Michael Chinworth
Kirsten Schnittker + Amity Jones
Liz Tenuto / Dance and a Half
Coco Cafe
Jillian Sweeney

Featured in Exeunt Magazine