Announcing: ZOOM Thousand Time!

 We're thrilled to announce that we'll be participating in Incubator Arts Project's Short Form Series this summer!

For this series, we'll be taking a mathematical approach to art-making with our latest project: ZOOM Thousand Time.

Over the past year we've had a blast making and performing several versions of Screen Eyed Baby Ice. (We even got asked to write about our process in the Huffington Post blog!) But whereas SEBI took a maximalist approach to improvisation and free-associative performance, our upcoming piece will explore similar methods with an ever-shrinking, hyper-minimalist palette. A ten minute improvisation will serve as the basis for the entirety of the piece. For each ensuing iteration we zoom into one minute of each previous version, stretching it once more to ten minutes, and decreasing our material by 90%. After repeating this process over four in-progress performances at St. Marks Church, our final performance at Incubator Arts Project in November will track our journey towards making a piece using but 3/5 of a second of videotaped material.

On May 25 we'll be performing the improvisation that will be repurposed to make the remainder of the pieces- so don't miss this first one!

We hope to see you there! love -bbg

Short Form performances at St. Marks Church May 25 / June 29 / July 27 / August 31 all shows 10pm / $6