Screen Eyed Baby Ice
BOOM BAT GESTURE's recurring, episodic performance.

Screen Eyed Baby Ice is a mixed-media variety show that continually recycles and repurposes a vocabulary of  fragmented scenes, songs, dances, and sounds. Relying equally on group memory and extensive video documentation, each performance is an attempt to reconstruct the past in its new, present context.  Onstage, scenarios play out in no prepondered order, content evolves, and performers’ impulses undermine each other without warning. Yet the work’s tightly crafted design and choreography fuels a paradoxically exacting style of improv-driven work.

Distinct iterations of the work are radically different in scale and structure, rejecting the notion that a performance must look the same each time. It has been shown in dance, theater, and music venues, as well as a public installation-performance, and runtimes have ranged from 14 minutes to 12 hours.

In 2014, BBG created the SEBI Performance Series which featured over 25 guest artists paired with and placed within new episodes of SEBI. The series took place over four performances in four Brooklyn venues.

direction/concept: BOOM BAT GESTURE
performers: Jon Burklund, Anastasia Clarke, Ilana Stuelpner, Niko Tsocanos


Episode 1: Center for Performance Research (June 2012)
Episode 2: Snowballs! Theater Festival (January 2013)
Episode 3: Muchmore's (March 2013) (w/ guest Dmitri Glickman)
Episode 4: The Window at 125 (March 2013) (w/ guests Jo-anne Hyun and Dmitri Glickman)
Episode 5: Panoply Performance Lab (August 2014)

SEBI SERIES Nov/Dec 2014:
Episode 6: Palisades (w/ guests Matt Romein, Ashcan Orchestra, Dead Lion)
Episode 7: Panoply Performance Lab (w/ guests Peter Mills Weiss, Ogg Myst, Ric Royer)
Episode 8: Silent Barn (w/ guests Title: Point, Vonia Arslanian, CJ Holm)
Episode 9: Muchmore's (w/ guests Trevor Wilsion, Anna Adams Stark, Bueys Club, Eli Tammondong, Emily Lowinger)

Episode 10: Brooklyn College PIMA Symposium (February 2015)