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You know, this song always makes me feel emotionally manipulated.
— sebi

Can someone get her a mic?
2- yeah 


i'm brian.

i mean i AM brian!
1- take a left. take a right. dot the last sentence. spell it right. take a coffee. remember where we met. now forget. erase your memory. empty it out. fill it with snakes. allow the snakes to eat what you couldnt remove. you didnt have it in you to remove those parts. but the snakes can. they will. they did. now kill the snakes with drano. wash out the drano with bleach. then water water water, three times. nine waters. then your brain will squeak! then your brain will squeak!then your brain will squeak! then your brain will squeak! Then you're Brian.
1- but it was only a moment. a donkey moment.
1- that's it! that's my great insight!

2- but it was only a moment. a donkey moment. a donkey moment. a donkey moment.

1- its all just moments! 

2- no its not. youre a fool. by the way, you've just incriminated yourself. plus i have a secret. i was faking it the whole time!

1- impossible!
2- I totally was! That'll learn ya. HAHAHAHAHAHA. 'just keep writing donkey' hahahahaha!!! PLAY THAT MUSIC. That DONKEY MUSIC.I don't care if you refuse to dance. I like it just fine and I'll dance by my damn self!
1- what i was about to say [MUSIC] was that i've strepped in the gritch relms, basked by tine robbins. licked waisty tarp by the green filled shoehorns. i greeped, nark lying forward unto an ax of steel i chimed- twixt, thrixt, garp. I reveled then once in the Screen Eyed Baby Ice, despite my gander to do naught. And the Screen Eyed Baby Ice reveled back. Horned in a shoe-filled wasty. Strepped in a gritch tine nark. Don't even. It's not.. yeah its just not. please. stop talking. please stop talking. I have too many lines today. hit me with a prop. HIT ME WITH A PROP. fuck. youre cue has passed. Screen eyed baby ice!! Screen Eyed Baby ice!!! I'm all alone, looks like. It's hard in here. Brrr.